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Small Business Application

Star Tribune Brand
Star Tribune Branding
Gateway branded smb app
Gateway Branding

The Small Business Application is a web-based eCommerce application that was created to be fully branded to the Enterprise client's look and feel. The above examples show the application branded for Star Tribune and Gateway.

As the Lead Designer, my responsibilities included the overall creative direction and page flow of this application. Since this is a brandable application, my focus was on creating a method to allow quick editing by the designers to conform to a client's existing branding and/or style guide.

For ease of branding, elements such as external style sheets and standard .png files were created to allow for quick global changes. In addition the content was separated from the layout with the use of JSP templates, allowing for easier access to the content for client modifications. Creation of a JSP layout template allows for rapid global redesign.

My project responsibilities for the SMB application included developing the UI and site flow; creating lo-fi prototypes to demonstrate this product to management; developing the branding procedures for use by our Professional Services designers; developing the front-end GUI using HTML, JavaScript and CSS; managed Professional Services designers in rebranding projects.

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