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EBMAS Chicago

EBMAS Chicago is a young martial arts organization teaching Wing Tzun Kung Fu, a 300-year-old form of self-defense developed by a Chinese nun. The EBMAS organization is well-known in Europe, and within the last few years has branched out into the U.S.

This site for the EBMAS Chicago school seeks to establish branding with the parent organization and educate viewers on the EBMAS style. Use of the EBMAS logo and the colors of the headquarters' site visually ties in the Chicago site to the parent organization while still maintaining a unique design to the Chicago site. The site flow was architected in both a horizontal and vertical manner to best present the information in logical categories and help in the flow of information to the user.

My responsibilities included architecting the site flow, designing the page flow, creating the site design and developing the interface.

The EBMAS organization was impressed enough with this design that it's now the prototype for all North American EBMAS school sites.

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